Author: Patrik Roos <patrik@text-image.com> (GitHub)

About the site

TEXT-IMAGE.com was started in early 2002 for the single purpose of entertaining people who find their way here. It currently runs on a little webserver under the stairs. The man who created it is Patrik Roos, now a student of the Japanese language. He resides in Stockholm, Sweden, where he spends most of the day reading in the bathroom, due to IBS.

The converter itself was originally written in Pike, and works by analyzing the image's pixels and printing a character with the same colour. The source code is available for viewing here, but no help will be given for people who want to set it up on their own websites.

Feel free to make a small Paypal donation if you enjoyed the converters.

Windows app

ScreenshotYou can download the free Windows app here to make even higher quality text-images, and try printing them out at home.